Tuesday, January 12, 2010

double-definition tuesday: gath / call

gath - noun: colorless substance usually accompanied by a noisy bppp, sometimes having strong odor.

K: Daddy, L has poopy diaper.
L: No! Gath!
me (sniffing): Gas?
L (running): No!
me (chasing): Do you have a poopy diaper?
L: Yeah. No! (laughing) Gath Daddy. Gath!
me (scooping her up to sniff her bottom): Hmm...
L: Gath Daddy! Gath!

call - verb: to talk on the phone
(phone rings, I answer, talk, hang up)
K: Daddy, who you calling?
L: Who you calling?
me: That was your mom.
K: Daddy, why?
L (arms up in the air to be picked up): Why Daddy? Why?
me: She wanted to know if you girls were still awake.
K: Why?
L: Why?
me: ExACtly!

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