Friday, January 1, 2010

family: dance to the music...

me: I got some chocolate milk. You girls can have some if you like.
K: Actually, I had some chocolate cookie.
L (dancing in excitement): Choco milk!
me: K, you can still have some chocolate milk.
L (dancing faster, harder): Choco Milk!!
me: Yes, I'll get you some L.
L: In hippopotamus cup. I need hippopotamus cup.
me: Uh, that one is broken. I've got elephant and monkey and giraffe....
K: I had chocolate cookie. 2 pieces of chocolate cookie. It was really chocolate.
me: Really? Was it good?
L: I need hippopotamus cup.
K: Yeah, it was.
me: Elephant or monkey, monkey?
L (pointing at the elephant cup): That one.
me: K, you can have chocolate milk too.
K: Ok.

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Brandon Patton aka BL4k Lotus said...

This is unrelated to your post, but google alerts just told me I was mentioned at some point on your blog, so just wanted to say thanks for listening!
-Brandon Patton