Friday, January 29, 2010

family: ... i've been waiting in the hall....

... 'cause I mith you daddy!

L has started at Miss Ronda's one day a week. This is the same place K went for one day a week, to get her into the swing of being at "school" as well as to expose her to some other kids and to buy M some time to get some work done.

So far, things seem to be going well. L can be shy and clingy, and I'm not sure she was quite herself last week (her first time). But this week when I picked her up, Ronda said "She's starting to get comfortable," and I said "Ah, so she's talking?" and Ronda laughed and said "She's very vocal" and I added "She doesn't stop, does she?" Ronda just laughed again.

There was a turtle there, a new turtle that Miss Ronda got, and because K was with me (and knew Miss Ronda) she had the opportunity to go and touch the turtle's shell. L on the other hand, just wanted to be held by me. Apparently I was the last parent there, and she had some concern that I wasn't coming. It's the same situation I once had with K. The sad thing is, K and I were early and had spent 20 minutes sitting in the van, K buckling and unbuckling the front seat belt, enjoying being in the "big people's" seats up front. And experimenting with sliding backward in the fabric seat so that her tights were pulled down off her "bumbum."

The formula for afternoon giggles:
  1. buckle seatbelt (w/ daddy's help)
  2. scoot forward, shifting your maryjane-covered feet toward the dashboard
  3. scoot backward in the seat, beginning to giggle
  4. turn and lift your jumper to show daddy how you've now got plumber's butt
Classic father-daughter times! I thought it was funny the first couple of times. Then I started watching my watch. Or rather my cellphone. (more on this in a future rant.)

So the irony is, we could have gone in and gotten L sooner.

But it's probably good for her to suffer some, right? Right? Especially as we were having such quality time there in the van.

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