Wednesday, January 20, 2010

family: see what's become of me...

Timeline extract from last weekend's solo parenting fun:

12a - I finally fall asleep after lying in awake for 2 hours.

2.01a - L wakes up screaming, her back is cold/hurting and she wants to go downstairs/upstairs/into my bed
2.02a - 2.14a - we go downstairs, put lotion on her back, change her shirt, get water, go back upstairs
2.15a - we "settle" down in my bed and L falls asleep
4.16a - K comes in b/c her diaper is loose and then joins me and her sister in bed.
4.20a-4.50a - K tosses and turns while L sleeps and I lie awake.
4.51a - I tell K that she needs to either go to sleep or go back to her bed. She opts for her bed. L wakes up and, screaming, explains she "needs" to go out with me when I tuck K back in.
4.55a - L and I return to bed where we manage somehow to fall asleep.

9a - Spotting a blueish bit out the window in the otherwise gray sky, I suggest a jaunt down to the beach at Alki. "Yeah!" "Yeth Daddy!!"
9.01a-9.35a - Preparing for beach trip, including packing bars/satsumas/water bottles etc. Also dressing the girls and getting spare pants for when they (inevitably) get them wet/sandy.
9.40a - head off to the beach, forgetting the spare pants on couch.
9.50a-9.55a - The girls have fun ("K having fun Daddy!" "I having fun Daddy!") running in their boots in the sand.

10a - L gets cold ("I too cold Daddy!"). I carry her from this point on.
10.01a - 10.30a - K plays in the sand, L snuggles against me ("I cold!") and we walk into the winter breeze.
10.31a - K, sandy now, gets cold.
10.32a - we start the trek back toward the van, motivated by the promise of bars/oranges/dry pants. Surprisingly, it's not nearly as far away as I had expected.

11.35a - 12.15p - K and I watch Saddle Club while L naps.

3p - I find and put away the peanut butter I left out at breakfast.
K: Why putting in frigerator?
me: Because I'm not going to use it now.
K: Why not use it now?
me: Because I was going to put it on toast but I forgot.
K: Daddy, you forgot spare pants!
me: Yeah, I did.

7.35p - 8.30p - I clean the kitchen
8.50p - I find my toast in the toaster as I'm putting the toaster away. And I eat it. Without peanut butter.

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Anonymous said...

love this! It makes me wish I had chronicled a day or two in those years when the kids were little. It really only takes a couple to get the flavor of what life is really like with kids. I laughed through the whole thing. Thanks for making my day. kvz