Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sister Sunday - ... you can close your eyes....

It's Sister Sunday Tuesday, the Two Days Late, 2 Bucks Short edition.

Starting on Sunday evening (shown below) the girls have been sharing Miss L's bed. That first night they woke up at 1.30-ish to complaints about covers and talking and not enough space, but they've enjoyed it enough that L uses the option of K sleeping in her bed as leverage in disagreements.

As in:

L: K, let's play horses, and I'm the baby.
K (reading): No, I don't want to play.
L (miffed): Ok, but then you can't sleep with me!
K (tossing the book aside): Ok, you're the baby, but I'm the new horse, right?
L: Yeah, and pretend that you notice me and you think I'm beautiful, right?
K: Oh, I haven't seen you before! You're beautiful.
L (tossing her head): Neigh!!!

And last night they slept through to 6am. Tonight, we'll see...

But enough of the words already:

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