Tuesday, March 12, 2013

definitions: glide

it's another Tuesday and here's another definition. We don't get them often enough anymore to do doubles, but I'm still attached to the Tuesday publish day, so there you go. Enjoy....

glide - verb, to direct or supervise.


(it's early morning and Miss L has yelled out that she's ready to get up (for a different post - why is it she is not able to get up on her own?!?) so I go and get her. This is always a delicate process, especially if she's yelling for her mother, which she often is, and I have to use gentle humor to make sure she's in the right frame of mind to be helped up by someone not her mom. But I manage in this case and we brush her hair and then it's time to head downstairs because M is exercising and I'm partway through making breakfast)

L: It's dark, Dada.
me: Yeah, but it's getting lighter!
L: What?
me: It's getting lighter.
L: What?
me: It's almost spring, so the sun is coming up earlier these days.
L: I meant on the stairs.
me: Oh, yeah, it'd dark. But it's getting lighter.
L: Daddy!
me: Let's go. I'm making a dutch baby and I want to put it in the oven.
L: I'll glide you Daddy!
me: What?
L: I'll glide you. Down the stairs.
me (understanding and taking her hand): Oh. Ok, good.

And I was glided down the dark stairs.

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