Friday, January 25, 2013

.... who are you, who who...

or, modern-day texting challenges:

Late this morning I received this text. I didn't recognize the number, and didn't know who had sent it.

It was obviously someone who knew us (M loves lasagna) and has a sense of humor (knows we'd be willing to feed the girls bread and water in exchange for the chance to eat lasagna).

But how to respond?

"Uh, sure?"
"My mother taught me to never take lasagna from strangers!"
"What kind of bread?"

There was potentially the option of trying to tease the identity out:
"Super! What should we bring? And where?"
"Sounds good. Will it just be us?"
"What kind of bread?"

Eventually I decided to email one of the two most likely candidates (they happen to be married), and she replied that the number belonged to her husband. It's almost disappointing to have solved the mystery. But at least we'll know where to go to get our lasagna!

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