Friday, December 28, 2012

... nothing but a heartache...

a quick follow up to this post about Santa Claus and Christmas.

sister believers

Late on Christmas Eve, after M and I were in bed (but before the excitement documented here),

I sat up in bed: I didn't put oranges into the stockings!
M (possibly shrugging in the dark): Hmm.
me: But it's tradition! Quarters too!
M: ???
me: In our family. We always have quarters and oranges!!
M (softly, sleepily) : oh...?
me (fading fast): Do we have any quarters?
M (falling asleep) : Hmmm? zzzzzz
me (falling asleep): zzzzzzz

Late on Christmas Day, K and I are in the kitchen.

K (looking up): Hey, there weren't any oranges in our stockings!
me (embarrassed): No....
K (looking at me and then lettting it drop): Oh.
me (almost silent except for the sound of a breaking heart): ....

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