Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i see your light come shining...

... from beneath your blanket....

Here's a case of not being able to scold because I'm too damn thrilled that she's doing it:

For those of you unable to see in the dark, that would be K, reading in bed with a flashlight. Oh how it warms my heart to see her ruining her eyes like this!

I spent most of my childhood reading in bed, which makes it sound like I spent most of my childhood in bed, which isn't true. I also read in the car, in restaurants, in airports, while waiting for hours to be picked up after school. I was lucky that 1) I never got carsick reading, so I could read anywhere, and 2) my parents had the mindset that if we kids were interested in reading it, they wouldn't take it away. Which meant some memorable episodes with books like The Godfather, which I don't recall much of, but I sure do recall an early wedding scene involving the bride and not-the-groom! as well as other books that were way over my head (Giles, the Goatboy was one that comes to mind, Ulysses is another). But ultimately I think their anything goes approach paid off. I loved to read and I love to read and I'm going to do my damnedest to launch K & L on the same trajectory.

When I picked the girls up from school on Friday, K was abuzz with something she had to show me - a complete set of Little House books, available from Scholastic. "Can we get them? Can we? Pleasepleaseplease!" Sad to say, I was a bit less enthusiastic than she was. Simply because I have a fancy 2 volume set hidden away to give to her at some point (M and I decided it was probably too fancy a set for right now). Which means that, I think we'll get the set she saw in her scholastic book flyer. (An aside - this is the second flyer they've sent home. We ordered several books from the first one, since both M and I love books, and we both have great memories of getting books at school through Scholastic. It turned out that K was the only child in her class of 1-3rd graders who got any books. That makes me so sad....)

She's taken to doing this if it's a night when only one parent is available to read to both girls. In which case, M or I read to L, which K goes off to her bed to read to herself. ("Daddy, is it ok if I kind of make up some of the words if I don't know them?" "Of course. I do that myself!")

One more picture, because I'm so tickled by this development:

May your worlds expand with your vocabulary, my love!

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