Wednesday, May 30, 2012

these clogs were made for....

... eating?

Or, "Our Memorial Day weekend, in a snippet of conversation"

L (heading outside to ride horses with her sister): Hey! Who ruined my clogs?!?
M (just outside, getting ready to garden): They're not ruined. It looks like maybe ice cream. Your dad was making ice cream.
L (stomping back inside): Who put ice cream on my clogs!?!
me (cleaning up after making ice cream): Oops. It must have been me. It was an accident. I made ice cream for dinner tonight. Vanilla ice cream! (turning) Here, I'll clean them.
L (already heading back outside): No! I licked it all off.
me: Uh... ok.

It was that good of a weekend, made more so by it also being our 10th anniversary. The girls spent Saturday night with their cousins, and we... stayed in and ate sausage and mushroom lasagna, which would be K's notion of absolute awfulness. Possibly the only thing she dislikes more than lasagna (and melted cheesy dishes in general) is mushrooms. We also did a bunch of walking.

The weather was grand, everyone played outside, we saw 3 different groups of friends, mowed the lawn, K and I had a date at Folklife to see our neighbor play a set of music, and we all generally enjoyed ourselves, even to the point of licking ice cream off our shoes. It doesn't get much better than that!

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