Friday, May 11, 2012

do you know where you're going to...

I've already mentioned how wonderful it was last weekend, when we managed to get the girls out for a couple of decent lengthed walks, but I didn't share this  bit of pre-walk dialog:

me: Get ready, we're walking down to get the van.
K: What?
L: We're walking down to get the van?!
me: Yup. You need to put on comfy shoes.
K: What?
L: Comfy shoes? To walk down to the van??!!
me: Yup.
M: Here girls, take these sunhats.
K: Sun hats?
L: To walk down to get the van?!!!
me: Yup.
M (fitting the hats on their heads): Yes.
me: Does anyone need to go to the bathroom before we leave?
K: What?
L (as if this exempts her from needing to use the bathroom any time during the weekend): I went last night!
me: Uh... but do you need to go now?
L (exasperated): I said, "I. Went. Last. Night!"
K: What?
me (kneeling to look K in the eye, talking very slowly now): K, you and your sister and I are going to walk down to Seacrest Park to get the van. Oh. Kay?
K: Ok.
L: What?!
me (to M): Uh...
M: L, you're walking down with K and your father. He left the van down there last night.
L: Why?
me: Why did I leave it? Because your mom picked me up at work.
L: And then you went to dinner?
me: That's right. We had a nice dinner.
K: I need to go to the bathroom.
me: Ok, go!
K: But I have my shoes on.
me: Doesn't matter. Go. I'll vacuum after we get back.
L: After we get back from the van?
M&me: Yes!
K (returning): Ok. I'm ready.
me (daring to imagine we're about to leave): Awesome. Let's go. Everybody ready?
M: Ok, off you go!
me (out onto the porch): Vite! Vite!
L: Dada?
me: Yeah?
L: Where are we going?
me: You're kidding, right?

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