Wednesday, May 16, 2012

... smile a little while for me...

.... late breaking news (from two days ago):

A hole for her straw!

Apparently the tooth fairy brings 4 quarters now (or whatever s/he has handy). K, L and I had a fairly lengthy discussion about how the tooth fairy gets into a house (K: Maybe she turns invisible. L: Yeah, and maybe she busts a hole in the.... (looking around the bed room)... ceiling. K: Or maybe she comes in the window. L: Yeah, or she comes in the window. K: Or maybe through the chimney, like Santa Claus. L: But there's a spider web in there! me: Santa Claus doesn't care about spider webs..... L: But she might!!), how big she is, and when she might have come.

K didn't notice a thing, which, as I recall from small-kid times, seems like a miracle, but from a slightly different perspective of 6 years of parenting, doesn't seem quite so amazing any longer. (We've sometimes picked K up and turned her back around in her bed and she sleeps through it all.)

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