Tuesday, May 29, 2012

definitions: lemolium / valcon

Well what do you know?!? It's another Double Definition Tuesday.

lemolium - noun, something they sing in the "La La La Lemon" song
(see also: floor coverings)

(driving to school, CD playing the Bare Naked Ladies singing La La La Lemon):

Bare Naked Ladies: La la la la... lemon
everyone in the car singing along: ... lemon...

BNL: ... la la .... lightbulb
everyone: .... lightbulb....

BNL: ... la la la la... lenolium
everyone: ...lemolium....
L: Dada?
me: Yeah?
K: Shhhh! .... lump in my oatmeal!
L: What 'lemolium?'
me: Lenolium?
K: Shhhhhh!!
L: Yeah, lemolium.
me: It's a floor covering. Like in our kitchen.
L: Oh. .... la la la la Lemolium!

valcon - noun, a bird of prey

(reading a book about a Falcon)
me (reading): 'What would it be like if you were a falcon?'
L: VALcon!
me: FFFalcon.
L: No!! It's VALcon.
me: Really?
L: Yeah. We have this book at school.
me: Look, that's an eff. What sound does that make?
L (looking like she thinks she's about to get trapped or tricked): FFFF
me: Yeah. So it's FFFalcon.
L: No! Valcon!!
me (in my head): Whatever.

note: In general, my approach to mispronunciations has been "hands off." I figure they'll sort things out over time, either by being corrected by friends, or teachers, or just realizing eventually. But in this case we were reading, and since L knows all her letters and is actually reading basic words, I thought I ought to point out that her pronunciation wasn't matching with the letters on the page. But as noted, I decided to let it go.

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