Wednesday, March 23, 2011

... you keep me hanging on the telephone...

It's been a long week or two, punctuated by the flu (M and me) and the flu or something similar (K) and just being 3 years old (L).

And this morning was particularly "challenging" with K who slept late and woke up as angry as a hungry bear in spring. I was heading out the door when the exciting stuff really started. So I've had home on my mind all day.

When I got out of a meeting this afternoon I had a message.

M: Hey, it's about 4.15 and I don't know if you're still at work, but if you are, give me a call. We're all fine, but we're going to need a new washer.

So I called of course, and asked about the washer, and it sounds like we're going to need a new washer. Ok. And while M was giving me the details, I got this:

L (picking up on the other line and yelling): Are you Daddy?!?
me: Hi L. Yeah, I'm Daddy.
L (laughing): Oh yeah, I forgot! (hangs up and runs over to M to tell her about the conversation)
M (overheard): Yeah, I heard. I was on this phone.

Which, combined with knowing everyone is fine, makes the sunshine this afternoon a little bit sunnier.

She looks so calm, doesn't she?

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