Thursday, March 10, 2011

... (s)he's still a gorilla...

Last Thursday I took a "vacation day" to stay home to with L while M went in to work.

L is now at a stage that requires a lot of attention. Not because she needs help doing much of anything (she's quite resourceful and willing to try just about anything necessary, whether it's going to the potty or getting some candy or cleaning up a spill. Except when she's not. No, she needs attention because she's constantly wanting to share things, to talk, to show us something.

We can be busy with cooking dinner, chopping onions or deboning chicken, and L will yell "Daddy! Daddy!!" like the living room rug has caught fire. "What L?" "I want to thow you thomthing!!!" And generally that "thomthing" is how her 2 inch horse Pranther can zump over a pillow.

It can be wearing, if you are trying to get anything done. If you're not, it can be quite entertaining. Until you're worn out.

A couple of sample conversations from my day at home:

me (calling into the living room from the kitchen, where I'm trying to clean up the breakfast dishes): Hey monkey, how're you doing?
L (yelling back from the living room): I'm not a monkey!!
me (moving toward the living room door): You're not?
L (still yelling, though I'm now standing about 10 feet from her): No! I'm not. A. Monkey!!!
me: What are you?
L (yelling, while lining up her horses): I'm a chimpanzee!!
me: ---

staring back at you

And then, later in the day:

L (lying on her stomach on the kitchen floor with the barn, trying hard to fit a large horse in a small stall): Dada, I need to figo-ate thith.
me: You need to 'figurate' it?
L: Yeah, because these hortheth need to be checked after the night time in case they aren't...aren't...aren't ready to go.
me (figuring it's only fair that I confuse her as much as she confuses me): Oh, that explains it. Figurate it.
L: Yup, yup. I need to figo-ate it.
me: ???

off topic: does it bother anyone else that Curious George, clearly a chimp, is described as a "monkey?"

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