Wednesday, March 30, 2011

... shaking all over....

... or, How I Learned to Miss Saddle Club!

Something momentous has happened at our house. When offered the chance between Saddle Club and another video, the girls chose door number 2. That "other video?" The Wiggles on Safari.

The Wiggles. I'd heard of 'em, but never seen them. M&L found this at the library and brought it home. And for some reason that eludes me, K&L love it. This particular one is set in the Australian Zoo, which is apparently run by Steve Irwin (or was), who makes a large number of guest appearances, along with his wife and daughter.

I watched it once with the girls, and I have to say, I don't quite "get" the Wiggles. Often it felt like I was watching a (bad) hybrid music video made by ex-members of the Village People and the Presidents of the United States. And don't get me wrong, I've got a couple PotUS albums, and wave my arms along with everyone else at the ballpark when YMCA plays, but this is *not* what I'd call great music coming out of Australia.

I can't shake the notion that these 40-somethings are guys who never quite made it in a band of their own. So they're left to (creepily) mimic playing guitars and sing songs for and to children. Simple songs. Really simple songs.

And yet, the girls seem to like it fine. I hear them laughing when someone jumps into the mud, or when the snakes scare the various Wiggles. IIt's not something I am going to need to watch again. And, luckily, it's a library copy, so it'll go back (it was supposed to go back last week, but oddly enough, no one else was waiting for it, so M and L renewed it for another week).

It's enough to make a guy miss his Saddle Club! Speaking of which, here are the girls, decorating "Prancer's" stall, otherwise known as our garden:

So they haven't given up entirely on horses. They're just branching out a bit.... I hope.

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