Friday, March 4, 2011

pictures of ...

... me, taken by L.

me, washington coast
(by L, w/ my cambra, 1/31/11)

I love seeing the girls take an interest in photography. K has had a camera since her 3rd birthday, and she used it a fair amount at first, but hasn't much lately. L on the other hand, was regularly "borrowing" it.

Now L has her own cambra. But she likes to use mine (though she hasn't mastered the art of looking through the viewfinder at whatever it is she's taking a picture of). In the above one, I moved into what I guessed was the frame (there are several "outtakes" from the same string of photos that show clearly how I'm mostly not in the pictures).

I took to photography early. I can still remember my first camera, a Brownie, and still have some pictures that I took with it. It used 110 (I think) roll film, which means that at 7yo I was mastering the challenge of threading a film leader into an empty spool.... Sometimes I impress myself! After that it was borrowing my dad's old asahi pentax (w/o built-in light meter) before graduating to my own pentax (w/ light meter). I took pictures all through junior high and high school, and a bit in college, though being away from home equaled having to pay for film/developing myself, so my output dropped off significantly. And then after college I was broke but still was taking pictures. Some of those rolls I only processed within the last 10 years, some 15 years after I took them. Now I'm mostly taking digital, though sometimes will still haul out the nikon 35mm or pentax 4.25....

None of this matters as much as the fun I have seeing my daughters taking pictures. Here are a couple of representative* shots:

Daddy, by K
(sometime in 2010?)

Daddy, by L
(late 2010/early 2011)

* by "representative" I mean in terms of composition, etc. The exhaustion and bleariness on my face are due entirely to the poor focal qualities of the cameras!

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