Monday, June 11, 2012

you don't bring me flowers....

any... uh, actually, you do!


Yesterday morning we had a lovely morning when one of K's classmates came over, along with her mother.

This was originally going to be one more in the continuing series of "Purple Class" Sunday brunches, but for a variety of reasons all the other folks flaked out, leaving us with a playdate rather than a group brunch.

And for K this was, initially, a tragedy. Her interpretation was that no one was coming because no one liked her. She didn't understand how grownup schedules sometimes get in the way (probably unnecessarily) of child business. As a result, we had a bit of concern that she might not be a good host, but she rose to the occasion and she, L and their friend all had a great time.

It helped that the weather was beautiful, and that the friend and her mother were good company. And that there was juice, scones, proseco (for grownups) and flowers.

Over the course of the morning, as the girls played outside ("We're playing Neverland!" "Uh, ok." "We're princesses and there's a dragon!" "Cool!") they periodically brought in flowers from the yard for all of us grownups. And this morning as I ate my oatmeal, the flowers on the table made me think just how wonderful it is that we've got a yard from which little girls can gather and bring in flowers. Life with flowers and little girls is good.

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