Tuesday, June 12, 2012

definitions: flysquatter

It's double-definition tuesday, and today i've only got one. Which might be better than none and is possibly not quite as good as two. But you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Or you do. I don't care.

a sister moment
hood canal, 6/2

flysquatter - noun, a handled implement for batting at flies.

(beautiful Sunday morning, sunshine streaming in through the windows, kitchen door open to the fresh air, and bugs)
L (on the window seat): What IS that?!?
me&K: What?
L (looking up wildly): It's a bug! It's a huge bug!! It's a bee!!! A bumblebee!!!!
K: Where?!?
me (clued in now, and seeing it): It's a fly.
L (slightly calmer): A fly?!
K: Are you sure, Daddy?
me: Yeah.
L (waving her hands): Get it aWAY from here!
me (laughing): It's just a fly.
L: We need a... a.... one of those flysquatters, like Grandmama has.
me (not laughing): Nah, I'll just catch it and put it outside.

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