Tuesday, January 11, 2011

definitions (special winter wonderland edition): throw fight

It's double-definition Tuesday (but I'm one definition short, so I'm tossing in a personalized photo to make up the difference):

throw fight - noun: a game played in the snow, preferably with icy snow (apparently).

L: If it keepth on thnowing we can have a throw fight!
M: You mean a "snow fight?"
L: No, a throw fight. You throw ice at eyeballs and stuff, you know?!?

It snowed this morning, briefly, long enough to raise L's hopes, long enough to make for an enjoyably cold and wintery water taxi commute:

Seacrest Park, or "NO... NO... NO..."
morning, 1/10/11

Seattle in the distance, with the last of the snowshowers blowing north across the city.

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