Tuesday, January 18, 2011

definitions (special "holiday" edition): ... activity scene / egg milk

once again, it's double-definition tuesday!

activity scene - noun, an interactive display/game of pieces designed to be animals (no horse though!), shepards, kings, young fathers and mothers, and a baby. (Note: Also a religious artifact in some cultures and households.)

me (walking into the house after work): Hello the house!
K (running in from the kitchen): Daddy! Come see what we got!!
L (running in after her sister): Yeah Daddy!!! Come thee what we got!!!!
me: Ok, let me take off my shoes....
L: Ith got a camel but no horse but thome theep and people!
K: It's a "activity scene."
L: Yeah, ith a activity thene!
me: An activity scene?
K&L: Yeah. Come and look!

egg milk - noun, a yellowish drink consisting primarily of corn syrup with a small amount of milk and food coloring(?) added. Better varieties probably also include vitamin D fortification. Appears in supermarkets beginning in November, for roughly 2 months, before disappearing again for 10 months.

L (running into the kitchen on tiptoe and coming to a stop to point at the glass in my hand): Daddy! What that?!?
me: It's eggnog.
L (smiling her sweetest smile): Can I twy it?
me (good thing I haven't added the whiskey yet!): Sure.
L (after sipping from the glass): I don't like it.
me (ah!): No?
L (shaking her head now): I don't like egg milk!
me (time for whiskey!): That's ok. You don't need to like it.
K (coming into the kitchen): What?
L: I don't like egg milk.
K: What?
me: She doesn't like this (holding out the glass).
K: Me either!
me: Where is that whiskey?

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