Wednesday, November 18, 2009

journey through... v1

R.H. "Van" Van Zwaluwenburg, Honolulu, 1929

Reyer Herman Van Zwaluwenburg, "Grandpa Van" to my sisters and me.

Here's what I know about K&L's Great-Grandpa Van:

  • Born 2/5/1891, Kansas City
  • Died 10/22/1970, Honolulu
  • Attended Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1909-1913
  • Worked in Puerto Rico, the US and Mexico before moving to Hawaii in 1924
  • Married Mary Alice Pattyson June 1916 (they met in P.R.)
  • lived in Hawaii from 1924 on (except for 4 years 1958-62 when he retired to Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Worked for Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association Experiment Station from 1924 until he retired in 1956 (as Principal Entomologist)
  • Expert on sugar cane pests and on Hawaiian entomology in general and Elateridae (beetles) in particular
  • Studied and collected insect specimens in Japan (1929), West Africa (1935 - Mediterranean fruit fly parasites for shipment to Honolulu), Canton Island (1940,41), Mexico (1947)
  • Has an insect (beetle?) named after him (I need to dig up the paperwork on it to identify it exactly)
  • Always wore an eye patch and had a Clark Gable mustache when I knew him, making him look a little like a swashbuckling... scientist....
  • Mixed an awesome Shirley Temple (extra cherries!)

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