Saturday, November 14, 2009

it might be magical, but not THAT magical....

(note: M is down in LA for the weekend)

It's not yet 7.30a and already we've had several diaper changes. Pooping in our house involves needing "privacy" (or "pwivacy" as L puts it). So the dog goes outside and I say that she "needs privacy too." The girls laugh, then:

K: Lucy need privacy?
me: Yup, she's out there pooping.
L: Lucy need pwivacy?
me: Yup.
K: mommy need privacy in Los Angeles?
L: mommy need pwivacy?
me: Um, yeah, I'm sure she'll need privacy at some point...
K: why?
L: why?
me: Everybody needs privacy. It's a part of being alive.

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