Monday, November 23, 2009

born to be wild....

I came into work late today because I needed to take L into the doctor.

She'd been running a spikey fever for several days but was over it, yet still didn't seem herself. And then yesterday she started complaining about her ear. We decided it was better to be safe than sorry. That and, if we can get her feeling better again, we have a chance in hell of getting our bed back to ourselves.

So, I took her in and she did great while the doc peered into one and then the other ear, muttering to herself that there was "a lot a wax in there." L did great even when the doc pulled out a long chopstick-like ... stick and dug around in her (L's, not the doc's) ears. L did great when the nurse then wrapped her in cellophane and a overlarge gown. And then she'd had enough.

When the nurse shot 4 separate syringes of water into her left ears (one that the doc said had a hard ball of black wax in it that she suspected was hiding an ear infection), L said "F#@$ this" (more or less) and started to cry, even though I told her to squeeze my thumb (she was already holding onto it tightly).

But, the hard black ball o' wax came out into the cup I was holding under L's ear (making me complicit in the evil deed I imagine).

And then the doc came back and looked into her ear one more time and said, "Yup, there's an infection there, and it isn't pretty. It's bulging in there."

I liked that. I like this doc. She looks about 23 and is casual and willing to say "it's a perfect time for ear infections, right after you've had all that snot." And I like that she said L's ear infection "isn't pretty." I think she's older than 23, but I still like her.

Home again, home again, after a stop at the bagel shop. And then on to work.

Which brings me back to the point of this. I drove in because I was going to be working late, and means dealing with parking. I parked and paid for 2 hours, then moved and parked and paid for another 2 hours. Which takes me to 5.46pm. But pay parking runs until 6pm.

Am I going to move/park/pay again?

Nope. Because I'm one bad-a@# dude. And because we've been running on little sleep for over 2 weeks now (first K had a week of high temps, and now L) and that increases my bad-a@$ness and my dudeness. And because I'm lazy.

I never don't pay for parking. But I'm doing it this afternoon. We'll see in a few hours if I regret my wild&craziness ....


Anonymous said...

woah!!! Take a risk there Paul! And I thought I was daring....Kim

pvz said...

Update: I did it! Got away with 14 minutes of free parking downtown, the Monday before Thanksgiving! I should probably buy a lottery ticket...