Friday, June 10, 2011

... we all scream ...

... for milk shakes!!!

2006, 2 days before K was born

It's mighty quiet around the house these days, which, if you'd been anywhere near the house recently, you might find hard to believe. But the chaos of the girls isn't quite the same when not overlaid with the chaos of the beast. It's hard to not hear her barking at the mail... or the neighbors... or us.....

But one of the things about being parents of young children is, you get limited time to wallow. Which probably isn't a bad thing. So life continues on. Specifically it goes on at Luna Park Cafe, West Seattle:

Choices choices choices....

M and I had a lunch date with K, the center piece of which was her first-ever milk shake (chocolate):

First Taste - Chocolate Milk Shake

All this to celebrate K completing the 2nd year of preschool. Next year she's officially a kindergartener!

And one last picture:
This one of me
(taken by K)

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