Tuesday, May 19, 2015

... she's leaving home...

... bye bye... or "how my morning went"

note left on my keyboard

Just before I got in the shower L got mad at me and apparently ran away from home. I was oblivious.

By the time I got downstairs after finishing up my shower, she was reading on the couch, sniffling a post-cry sniffle. We proceeded to the car for the drive to school.

Sometimes the best approach is "clueless."

Friday, April 17, 2015

... sunshine on my shoulder...

... makes great shadows...

Here's my most favorite picture from our time in Ptown, Sunday morning:

post-browsing shadows, 2nd morning
just before heading out to the coast

Thursday, April 16, 2015

... paperback...

... reader.... paperback paperback.... - Part One

Last weekend we took Froggie (and the girls) down to Portland for a quick visit where we did the town up right. Or at least "right" from where we sit.

Froggie and the girls ate breakfast at a bakery:

first family rule: never leave the house without at least one book!

second rule: never leave breakfast without at least one double espresso!!

They read books at Stumptown (while we drank coffee):

corollary to second rule: 
another double is good, another double from Stumptown is excellent!

They (and Froggie) went to Powell's Bookstore, my favorite bookstore in the world:

K, as I led her into the "horse stories" aisle:
"I love this aisle! I just want to hug it and take it home with me!"

corollary to first rule:
you never can have too many books!!! 

We walked by the river, found cool stuff and wore ourselves out. We retreated back to our hotel to recuperate by watching HGTV (can you say "Flip or Flop?" this is a show the girls and I just discovered - perfect for when you're so worn out you can't manage to read one of your many new books), by learning how to go for ice without parents, by learning how to use the elevator without parents, by learning just how much your parents will let you get away with....

We walked again, this time to get dinner and to take a grab shot family portrait (don't complain that you already saw it when you get the Christmas card this year):

Nordstrom, Up Escalator

After dinner we retreated back to our hotel for more HGTV, more reading, more getting of ice and riding of elevators. And eventually, for some sleep as well.

more later....

Saturday, December 27, 2014

let them grow, let them grow, let them grow...

I'm going to skip all the explanations and apologies about why things have been so quiet here and just post this:

L&K - early December

We barely managed a holiday card this year, but somehow the tree was put up and decorated, and presents bought, wrapped, shook, poked, weighed, unwrapped, played with, and set aside. In other words, it's been Christmas around here and is now nearly 2015. How did that happen?

I have dreams of writing a 2014 wrap-up post, but chances are that I won't manage it, so in the event that it doesn't happen, the short story is that we're all still here, all doing well, all busy with various responsibilities and commitments, and life is good. With all the attendant challenges, victories and dreams that go with a good life.

Friday, October 3, 2014

... you're missing...

... some teeth, that is:

2/3 of my favorite women in the world!

(happy october!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

... you give to me your wah wah...

it's been a while. no excuses, no explanations. nothing... but this:

And now some explanation. We've been busy. That's life. Family, work, and a small bit of paddling (though that is taking a far back seat these days). Life is good, just busy. And things are a bit stressful due to the start of First Grade which is in a new classroom with new people and new things to do in new ways. No more skating along in the same way as last year. Homework! After school care!! It's all good, we're just in the process of adjusting.

Another couple pictures to balance out the first two:

first day of school (9/3)

outtake (accidentally happy)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

... i say tomato, you say...

…that our post-bike ride gustatory mystery is solved!
What we did this weekend.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m heading out with the girls for a bike ride at Jack Block Park. We’ll drive down in the van and M will run to meet us at the park, and then we'll all ride home together in the van. I’m working on getting the girls out the door before noon.

me: You guys ready? Socks on. Helmets!
K: I'm going to bring my phone with me.
me: Ok…
L: Me too!
me: Ok…
K: Because I've got a lot to do.
L: Me too!
me: Me too too!

(time passes, we load, I drive, the girls talk on their phones, and we approach Jack Block Park)

K: Daddy, can we go out for lunch?
me: Nope.
K: Awwww.... Why not?
L: Yeah, why not?!
me: Because we're going biking.
L: Well can we order something then?
me (getting out of the van): Nope.
K: I'm ordering something! (Opens her non-functional flip phone) Yes, yes, this is K. I'd like order something for lunch.
L (taking out her phone too): Yes, I'd like to order something for lunch.
K: ... some hamburgers, and fries, and some soda and orange creme and mayonaise.
me: ????
L: Yes, pizza and hamburgers and frieds and soda and rootbeer.
me (to myself): mayonaise?!?

We bike, M runs down and meets us, L and I ride circles playing follow the leader, we all skip stones on the water (with mixed success), we all get hungry. M jogs back to the van while the girls and I hop on our bikes and follow.

At the van L announces she wants to walk back home. I look at M who looks at L. K says she's hungry.

M: That's 2 miles L.
L: I know.
K: No she doesn't!
me: Now she does.
K: I meant she didn't know!!
me: I know.
K: What?
M: You really want to walk, L?
L: Yes!
M: I won't be able to carry you if you get tired.
L: I know!
M: You'll walk the whole way.
L: I know!!
me (exchanging glances with M): I have a "feeling" about this.
M (quietly): Me too. (turning to L) Ok L, let's get going.

K and I get into the van and start driving.
K: She's going to get tired.
me: Yup, I think you're right.
K: She's going to want Mom to carry her.
me: Probably.
K: But Mama's not going to.
me: Probably not.

As we drive away I roll down the window and wave at L who is walking next to M. She sees us, smiles, waves back and starts trotting to keep up. She's grinning through the open window, speeding along on her tiny legs, happy as a clam.

me: Watch where you're going.
L: Bye Dada! Bye!! Say bye to K!!!
K (yelling from the backseat): I can hear you!
me (picturing her running into a tree or lamp post): Watch where you're going!
L (running faster now): Bye Dada!!! (waving) Bye!!!!
me (wishing I had my phone out to film this grinning, running, wild-haired girl): Have fun!

I speed up and watch in the rear view mirror as L makes a last effort before dropping back, finally stopping to let M catch up to her, and I think that the last thing M needed was for me to wear L out before they started. And I wish again I'd had my camera to video her enthusiastic pacing of our van.

As we drive for home, I think that I should pull over and wait for them. I see and pass several good spots to pull over, then we're climbing the hill on California Avenue and I realize the chances of M and L making it up there and then the 2nd mile to home are pretty slim, so I turn off and park at the top of some stairs that are the most likely route they'll take. K wants to know what we're doing, then finishes off her book in the first 5 minutes and we're now sitting together, waiting for her sister and mother. A man comes, takes off his shirt and starts disappearing down the stairs and reappearing, panting hard, hands on his hips. He takes a break after each set and knocks off a few pushups. We watch and talk about baleen whales and when M and L are going to come.

At some point K pulls out her phone again and "orders" more lunch.

K:... and fries and...
me (pulling my own phone out): Yeah, this is P. Please cancel that order.
K (horrifed look): No! You can't do that. (yelling into her own phone) Don't cancel it. I still want it.
me (into my phone): We'll skip lunch today. Thanks. Bye!
K: Yes, please. Hamburgers and fries. And a corndog. And soda. Orange Creme. And mayonaise.

me (looking at her): Huh?
K: We're going to get lunch.
me: Soda?
K (grinning): Yeah.
me: Orange Creme?
K: Yes!
me: And mayonaise?
K: Yes. For you.
me: For me?
K: And Mama.
me: Mayonaise?
K (nodding): The beer you like.
me: The beer... (lightbulb) Manny's?
K (nodding and not hearing the difference): Yup. Mayonaise.(big smile)
me: It's 'Manny's.' Like 'manny' except with an S.
K (slightly confused/embarassed): Manny's?
me: Yup.
K: Oh!
me: Yup.
Laughter in the van.

A few minutes later my phone rings. It's M calling.

me: Hi.
not M: What're you doing?
me: What?
now more clearly L: What are you doing? Where are you?
me: We're waiting to give you a ride. Where are you?
L: At home! Mama, they're waiting to give us a ride! (laughing)
me (ready to head home): Ok, we're coming now. Bye!

I disconnect and start the van.

Back home we tell them we were waiting and M tells us that they caught the Water Taxi shuttle because L wanted to pull the "stop requested" cord but then someone else pulled it before she had a chance, so they had to go to a farther stop so L could pull it. M's already got mac & cheese cooking for lunch, and I find myself wishing I had a mayonaise to go along with that.

            on the beach, before the "long walk"