Friday, September 18, 2015

... well i tried to fix it friday...

(or "hair today, back from maui")

M has been handling both dropoff and pickup while I was out of town, so this morning she really needed to get in to work early, which left me to tuck in loose ends. She did a great braid for L, but there were hairs hanging out. I convinced L that I could fix them, and twice tried to do this with a "tuck," simply slipping the errant strands in among longer ones that were tightly braided. Both times these slipped out, and we were in danger of a "major hair meltdown" (one of the five or six main classes of morning meltdown, others being "no socks meltdown," "missing glasses case meltdown," "wrong leggings meltdown," "didn't say goodbye to mommy for the fourth time meltdown," and "we're going to be late meltdown"), but then I suggested bobby pins. Or maybe K did. In any case, I worked some daddy magic and we were set.

addendum: the hair apparently came down at school, but the bobby pins stayed in! in my book, that equals a win for daddy (in truth, anything that gets us out of the house in a reasonably timely manner is a win, so I'm not above digging dirty clothing out of the pile if that's what is called for).

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