Tuesday, July 26, 2011

definitions: Someone Says / Respectable

Someone says - noun, a game played by children (and parents) in which someone gives instructions to everyone else, usually prefaced with "someone says" but occasionally not. The someone is trying to catch the others doing what was instructed, even though the instructions were not prefaced by "someone says." Got that?

me (walking in the front door): Hello the house!
L (running in from the kitchen): Dada! Dada!! We're playing Thomeone Theth!!!
me: What?
L : We're playing Thomeone theth!!
me: Oh yeah?
M (loud whisper from the kitchen): Simon says.
me: Ah!

Respectable - adjective, used to express disgust (?)

M: It's dinner time.
L: Mama, can I have a treat?
K: Yeah, can we have a special treat?
M: No. It's time for dinner.
L (pouting): Oh!
K (throwing herself face down on the window seat): That's not fair!
M: It isn't?
K (talking into the cushion): No! It's not fair. You're so... respectable!
M: I am?
K: Yeah.
L (arms crossed, lower lip out): Yeah! You're tho rethpectable!
me: What is "respectable?"
K (looking up at me): It's... it's peer (pier?)
me: Oh. Well, it's still dinner time.

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