Tuesday, July 5, 2011

definitions: frigidator / pillow theet

drinking from the firehose edition:

frigidator - noun, an appliance found in most kitchens, used to keep food... frigid.

me: Dinner!
K (coming in from the living room): What's for dinner?
me: Chicken.
K : I don't eat meat! Member?
me: Yeah, but sometimes you do.
K: Only 'lumi 'lami. What else is there?
me: This is it. Pretend this is salami.
K: No! (foot stamp) I'm going to see what else is in the frigidator.

pillow theet - noun, like a regular theet, but for a pillow.

M: L, do you want this one with the heart on it? Or the butterfly?
L: What??
M: Do you want this one? Or this one?
L: What Mama?
M: Do you want this pillow...
L: Pillow theet?
M: ?!?
L: That one. With the butterfly. I want that pillow theet!!!
M: Ok. Whew!

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