Monday, February 14, 2011

family: ... of all the many things you were countin' on

...there ain't none better than the girl who's... surprising you!

A valentine's day present, overheard this morning (through the gauzy confusion of a dream about attending a wedding in which M was participating and during which I'd already apparently made several faux pas:

L: coughing (unclear whether she's asleep or awake)
K: L! Stop that!
- momentary silence -
L: coughing
K: L! Stop it!
L: mumble mumble mumble
K: (mumble mumble mumble)
L (squeal!): Yeah!!
- more talking I can't understand -
me: (glance at clock - 6.20a - a full night's sleep!)
M: mmph.
me (getting up out of bed and going into the girls room): Good morning. Happy valentine's day.
K: Daddy?
me (sitting down on L's bed): Yeah?
K: Well, I told L if she didn't get any more valentines then the ones we made with mama, I would give her some of mine.
L: Yeah! If I don't get any more valentimes than those ones, she's going to give me some of hers!!
me (you just made my valentine!): K, that is so sweet.
L: Yeah. It'th thweet.
K: Are you glad you have a sister?
me: Me? Am I glad I have a sister?
L: What?!
K: L, are you glad you have a sister? That I'm your sister?
L: Yeah!
K: Daddy?
me: Yeah, K?
K: Are you glad you have a sister?
me: I am. I'm glad I have 2 sisters. Having sisters and brothers are good. You can play together and help each other and be together.
K: Yeah.
L: Yeah!
K: Can we go downstairs now?

How cool is that? I think at K's school that they have to give everyone in the class a valentine, so there's some level of certainty about it. But L isn't in school, and she's not going to have nearly the opportunity to get valentines as her older sister, so being promised some is a big deal. A really big deal. And hearing this made my morning.

Sisters, Alki Beach, January 2011
(Old photo, but still worth reposting)

Happy valentimes everyone!

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