Friday, March 15, 2013

... talk to me baby...

Yesterday L had an after school birthday party at the local bowling alley, so K and I had a date of sorts. Which involved watching 2 Saddle Club episodes, and then walking up to our standard "going out to dinner" spot where she ordered chicken nuggets for the 37th straight time while I had fish and chips and a pint of Manny's.

And we took a few pictures:

But what was especially enjoyable about this "date" afternoon was how much K seemed to want it and need it. I had been concerned that she would feel really badly about not being included in the birthday party (from a classmate's of L), but she hunkered down with me to watch Saddle Club and then chattered and held my hand during the entire walk to dinner and back. As we were walking up she said "You have to promise to talk to me Daddy!" and during dinner she said "You know what I like about not having L here? I don't have to fight her for crayons. But it's fun to do things with Mommy and L too." (The restaurant provides crayons and a color-able children's menu). I told her that what I liked about spending time just with her was that I got to talk to her without any interruptions.

The experience reminded me of how important it is for us to take time to focus on each girl individually. They love to play together, but they also like to have our undivided attention. Circumstances conspired to provide K that yesterday. And it was good.

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