Friday, June 22, 2012

... have a drink have a drink have a drink...

... with me.

It's become a tradition to take the girls out to lunch on the last day of school, which was nearly 2 weeks ago now. Which let's you know how behind on things I've been/gotten. Which also means that this post contains news which is older than 24 hours, which in internet time is, like, forever.

In any case, last year we took K to lunch to celebrate her finishing preschool and moving on to kindergarten (in the same classroom, with the same teachers and friends - it's what I'd call a "soft" graduation). L stayed with a neighbor since she wasn't in school yet. This was the occasion of K's very first milk shake. It was a lot of fun, though she was disappointingly blasé about the shake.

This year we took both girls to lunch, K to celebrate her finishing kindergarten and moving on to first grade (something that feels a little more 'real' than the pre-school-to-kindergarten move), and L to celebrate finishing her first year of preschool (with another ahead).

We branched out and went to End-o-Line Joe's. Where sodas were drunk. And I took these pictures.

Is it just me, or do they look disturbingly sophisticated, like two women sharing a bit of gossip about boyfriends and work and life over drinks at the end of the day?

That's going to come all too soon. I only hope they're as good friends then as now. I'd love to imagine they will spend evenings together after work, laughing and sharing details of how crazy their days had been, and what about mom and dad?!?

There are two small details that help keep K from seeming too terribly grownup:

A couple of missing teeth that make a perfect fit for a straw

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Jocelyn said...

Adorable photos!! What a sweet tradition!!