Tuesday, May 15, 2012

definitions: limits / lebrities

It's another Double Definition Tuesday
(the "double-L edition")


limits - noun, something you earn

(outside, playing with K's flying disc, a recent birthday present)
K (heaving the disc with all her might): Daddy! You throw to me. And if I catch it, I get limits.
L: Yeah! If we catch it we get limits.
me: What are 'limits?'
K: They're...
L (looking over at her sister): They're...
K: .... points. They're points!
L: Yeah, they're points.
me (glancing over at M who is weeding in the evening sunshine): Oh. Ok, points.
K: So throw it to me, 'k Daddy?
L: And to me Dada. Throw it to me.
me: What about your mama? Can she get limits too?
M (from the bushes): Throw it to me!! I want limits too!!!

Lebrities - noun, something on your phone, maybe people or something

K: Mama?
M: Yeah K?
K: What are 'lebrities?'
M: lebrities?
K: Yeah. What are lebrities?
me (interjecting): 'Liberties?'
M (pause...): Did you hear that somewhere?
K: Yeah.
M: Where did you hear it?
K: On Saddle Club. When they stealed Veronica's phone, they asked why there were all those lebrities on it.
M: There were?
K: Yeah, they wanted to know about all those people.
M (brain working hard): Ah, celebrities?
K (not wanting to be mistaken): Yeah. What are those?
M: They're... famous people.

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