Friday, July 8, 2011

... be sure to wear flowers....

... around your neck.

(another in an occasional series based on our Maui adventures now long past but about which I'd intended to write.... pretend this is well thought out, funny, and educational, rather than the obviously slap-dashed post that tries to stand primarily on the merit of the accompanying pictures)

One of the highlights of our May visit back to Maui and my mother, sister and nephew, was watching the girls learn to make plumeria leis. This skill is something we learned early in our childhoods, and being able to pass it along to my daughters means a lot to me.

We picked flowers in Mom's yard, and I was reminded of all the "basic" knowledge I take for granted but which needs to be taught. Like don't stand directly beneath the flowers when you pick them. The sap drips, and it's white which means it's not good for you and it'll stain your clothing which in turn means a melt-down or three in our young family. So that's one bit of info I hope they remember. Another: best to pick the flowers in the morning, before the heat/wind of the day does damage.

I did most of the picking. And then we settled in on Mom's porch to thread flowers onto lei needles and white thread.

K, intent on threading properly

And the result, a hand-made-by-K lei

And a companion hand-made-by-L lei

It was a special morning for me. And I think they enjoyed it too....

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