Thursday, April 16, 2015

... paperback...

... reader.... paperback paperback.... - Part One

Last weekend we took Froggie (and the girls) down to Portland for a quick visit where we did the town up right. Or at least "right" from where we sit.

Froggie and the girls ate breakfast at a bakery:

first family rule: never leave the house without at least one book!

second rule: never leave breakfast without at least one double espresso!!

They read books at Stumptown (while we drank coffee):

corollary to second rule: 
another double is good, another double from Stumptown is excellent!

They (and Froggie) went to Powell's Bookstore, my favorite bookstore in the world:

K, as I led her into the "horse stories" aisle:
"I love this aisle! I just want to hug it and take it home with me!"

corollary to first rule:
you never can have too many books!!! 

We walked by the river, found cool stuff and wore ourselves out. We retreated back to our hotel to recuperate by watching HGTV (can you say "Flip or Flop?" this is a show the girls and I just discovered - perfect for when you're so worn out you can't manage to read one of your many new books), by learning how to go for ice without parents, by learning how to use the elevator without parents, by learning just how much your parents will let you get away with....

We walked again, this time to get dinner and to take a grab shot family portrait (don't complain that you already saw it when you get the Christmas card this year):

Nordstrom, Up Escalator

After dinner we retreated back to our hotel for more HGTV, more reading, more getting of ice and riding of elevators. And eventually, for some sleep as well.

more later....

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