Thursday, June 12, 2014

... just tack down the black, jack...

M and the girls left for Alabama this morning to spend 12 days with M's mother. In the time they're gone, I have approximately 50 projects I'm hoping to "finish up," some dating from before K was born, which, according to my rough math, was a bit over 8 years ago (who really needs complete molding in the second bathroom, anyway?). It's been gorgeous for most of the spring here, very unlike our usual spring, which means that I haven't gotten to the various outside projects and it's about to rain tonight for the first time in weeks.

Which means I needed to get project 1 under way:

Adding tar paper over the plywood I put up to replace the 5 year old "temporary" plywood I tacked up in the middle of a rain/snow storm to keep the basement from flooding.... it's a long story...

And I did it. I got it up before the first rain drops fell. Mission accomplished!

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