Friday, October 19, 2012

it's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams...

or, How to Turn a Daddy to Mush.

There's a pre-Halloween phenomenon around West Seattle that involves gold-painted pumpkins which show up unexpectedly and temporarily in various places. They are accompanied by a sign that says to put your hand on one, close your eyes, and make a wish.

taken this morning at 0-dark:30
(no wish, because who needs one today after last night?)

Last night M and the girls met me at the dock and we ate at the new restaurant (Marination Ma-kai) there at Seacrest. Walking in we happened to spot one of the wishing pumpkins, and so we all took a turn.

Almost immediately after making her wish, K tried so get me to listen to her wish. "Daddy, do you want to know my wish?" and I brushed her aside, thinking that you need to keep a wish secret (even though it doesn't say so on the pumpkin sign).

We went inside and ordered our meal and sat down and again K asked if we wanted to know her secret and when M said "Yes!" she said "I wished that Daddy had a good day."

After I blinked away some stray water that had gotten into my eyes I told her: "Your wish just came true."

K: What?
me: Your wish just made my day a good day. A great day.

And she, of course, said "What?" and I repeated myself and M hugged our oldest daughter who still wasn't sure what I meant but it didn't matter.

And then L said "I wished that for Christmas I got that Lego Horse thing that I want."

And I hugged her too, because after all, what's more age-appropriate than wanting a Lego Horse thing for Christmas?

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