Wednesday, July 11, 2012

... on my tour of 7 night stands...

Tomorrow my older sister and I head back to Seattle, and while I love it here on Maui, I'm also looking forward to being home, seeing the girls and M, and digging into my own work (both at work and at home).

We had a good service for Ka yesterday, and I'm feeling the exhaustion of a stressful week. And I'm not the one who's dealing with the greatest stress. I can't really imagine how mom or my nephew feels.

Instead of writing about any of that, I'm going to post a couple of pictures from the last week.

kahakuloa, from mom's house

I discovered my older sister had not been to the top of Haleakala in 20+ years, so I took her up there. Mom asked if she could join us so it was a trio trip. Beautiful, quiet, not too many people, and great views.

the big island, from the top of haleakala

self-portrait, with crater

evening clouds, haleakala

and then there were a few evenings spent on mom's deck:

sunset, with coconut

kahakuloa and molokai beyond

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