Wednesday, February 15, 2012

definitions: lawn / ecko

It's the return of Double Definition Tuesday*
(day-late, dollar short edition)


- verb, to shorted the length of the grass
(see also, "mow lawn" - a cutting implement to lawn a yard)

(outside, soaking in the sunshine of a rare, blue-sky winter day)
me: (coming out of the studio where I've been painting): Hey, girls?
K (from somewhere out of sight): Yeah?
L (also out of sight): Yeah?
me: What are you doing?
K: We're helping...
L: Yeah helping...
K: ... mama...
L: ... yeah mama...
K: ... planting...
L: ... planting...
K: .... something...
L: ... yeah, somethings....
me: Ok. M, you guys doing ok?
M (out of sight): Yeah, we're doing fine.
L (coming around side of house): Dada?
me: Yeah?
L (stopping in front of me, intrigued by the paint roller): Well, we tried but it isn't working.
me: Tried what? What isn't working?
L: To lawn. It's not working.
me (???): No?
L: Nope. (pointing to roller) What's that Dada?
me: It's my paint roller. Is there anything I can help with?
L: What?
me: With the... what did you try to do?
L: What?
me: You said it wasn't working, that you tried and it wasn't working.
L (obviously dealing with a dense mind): The mow lawn. We tried to lawn and it wouldn't work.
me: What's wrong with it?
L : Ask mama. (Yelling) Mama?!? It's not working!!!
M (from a distant part of the yard): What?
me (muttering): Exactly!
L: What? What Dada?
me&M (meeting in the yard): Wha..?
L (hands on hips, now forced to deal with 2 dense minds): I told Dada that we tried and it wasn't working.
me (looking at M with a raised eyebrow): Yeah!
L: And that's all I said!
M: Hmm...
me: The lawn.
M: Hmmm...
L (pointing at the push mower): That!
me: Ah. So you tried...
L: I said, we tried to lawn and it's broken. The mow lawn.
M: Ah...
me: ...ah, the mow lawn....
L (skipping away): Yup, it's not working and we going to do it....
me (looking at M): The 'mow lawn.'
M: Right.
me: You tried to 'lawn.'
M: Yeah, what don't you understand?

Ecko - noun, a small noisy lizard frequently seen in Hawaiian homes.

K: A spider!
me: I'll catch it. Don't worry.
M: Like you caught that cane spider on Maui?
(both of us laughing)
me: Well, those are different!
K: It's crawling!
L: Hey, you 'member that ecko?
me (glancing at M): Echo?
L: Yeah, on... on... where we were staying....
me: On Maui?
L: Yeah, where we were staying on Maui!
me (another glance at M): Really? An echo?
L (adamant): Yes! It was...
M (looking at me): Was what L?
L: Up on the wall! It was doing (makes clucking noises with her mouth).
K: That lizard?
L (finally someone who understands!): Yeah!
M: Oh, the gecko?
L: It runned down the wall and ate bugs!
me: Yeah, they're good at that. They're good. They eat bad things like mosquitos. We like them.
L: And they eat... spiders?
me: Well... I don't know...
K: Not that cane spider!
M (laughing): No, not that cane spider!
me: The walls were bare in that place. (glancing at L) And we did have some high volume commentary. I think there was an echo.
L: Yeah, and it runned after the spiders!
K: It's still crawling!!

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