Wednesday, June 22, 2011

definitions (special woosie wed. edition): ammonia / UPS

It's been a long time, but double-definition tuesday is back. Sure, it's wednesday now, unless you're reading this next week, in which case it might be tuesday, or, if you're behind us on the international date line, maybe this was on time.

In any case, we've been ill, and, to use a phrase that is in vogue both at work and at home right now:

You Git What You Git and You Don't Throw a Fit!


ammonia - noun, an illness that is apparently pretty bad, given that every kid in the proximity seems to be coming down with it.

me (walking into the house): Hello the house! How is everyone?
K (running into the living room): L has a temperature. If she's not careful she's going to get sick.
me: Sounds like she's already sick.
K (confused look)
me: If she has a temperature she's already got something.
K (all understanding now): Oh, yeah. But if she's not careful, she might get ammonia.
me: Really?
K (nodding): Yeah, Morgan has it and .... someone else too.
me: Ammonia? Wow. That sounds serious.
K (more nodding): Yeah. Read me a book Daddy!

UPS - noun, a device used as decoration, like a bracelet. Also sometimes for measuring distance/speed/etc.

L (holding up her arm with my Garmin on it): Dada! Dada!! Look. (big grin)
me: Hey. Where'd you find that?
L (grinning, then coughing): In your bag Dada! I found it in your paddling bag!!
me: Oh. I'm going to need that tonight, when I go paddling.
L: I know (more coughing - is it ammonia?). I just needed to wear it for a while.
me: You needed to?
L: Yeah. Here (taking it off her wrist). Read me a book Dada!!

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