Tuesday, September 25, 2012

definitions: limbo / Upalup

It's another double-definition Twosday, not to be confused with a Tequila Monday. And today we bring you a definition from each of the monkeys:

limbo - noun, a large, overly long vehicle made for groups of people who want to go out in public and behave poorly.

(L and I are driving to Bakery Nouveau and we pass by a very large RV)

L: Daddy, what is that?
me: It's a large... it's a camper, a big camper.
L: Does it drive?
me: Yeah, people drive it places and camp in it.
L: Oh yeah, like a... a... limbo.
me: A limbo?
L: Yeah, it's long and ...
me (suddenly getting it): Right, like a limbo....

Upalup - proper noun, a town in western Washington that hosts the annual fair. See also, "Doin' the Upalup"

(I'm coming in the door from work and the girls come thundering out of the kitchen to greet me - is there anything better than this?!?)

me: Hey monkeys! How was your day?
K: Daddy! Daddy! I get to go to the fair!!
me: You do?
K (obviously quite proud): Yeah! My whole class is going!!
L (somewhat sadly): Yeah, her whole class.... Daddy!?! I don't get to go! (pouting now) I want to go to the fair too!
K: You get to go to the salmon hatchery.
L: I don't WANT to go to the salmon hatchery!!!
K (done with her attempts to cheer her sister): Well, I'm going to the U-pal-up fair!
L (collapsing on the floor in tears): I want to go to the fair! I want cotton candy!!
M (from the kitchen): Welcome home!

afterward: L got so worked up about not getting to go to the fair that on Thursday night she cried herself into a mess and made M promise to get her some cotton candy and bring it home. She went so far as to make M get out of bed and go write a note to herself, reminding her of this.

aftermath: On Friday, M drove the girls to school and discovered that one of the children she was supposed to drive wasn't there, so L got to go along. And get her own cotton candy. Not to mention ride on ponies, a tilt-a-whirl, and some big swings.

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