Tuesday, July 17, 2012

definitions: geyser / ramacas

It's another double-definition tuesday and this week i've got a couple!

geyser - noun, brimmed eye protection that is like a hat without the hat.

(the girls have been in "kids in the kitchen" daycamp and climb into the car with their possessions)
K (holding out some art): Look Daddy! Do you like it?
me: I do! Did you make that?
K: Yeah. Do you like it?
me: I do, yes.
K: Do you?
L (suddenly looking up from wherever her mind has been): Daddy?
me: Yeah?
L (holding out her own art): Do you like this? I made it.
me: Yeah, yeah I do.
L (now holding out her eye protection): Daddy?
me: Yeah?
L: Will you hold my geyser?
me (half-beat): Sure. Did you make this too?
K&L: Yeah, we did.

ramacas - noun, musical/rhythm instrument made/played in Spanish Day Camp.

(the girls have finished their first day of "Spanish Camp" and claim that it's not any fun)
me: Why not?
K: Because. I don't like it.
me:Why don't you like it?
K: Because. I don't.
L: I don't either!
me: Well, that's not a reason. What did you do?
L: Nothing!!
me: Nothing?
M: I saw Senor Jay speaking spanish to you, and everyone looked dazed. 
KWe made ramacas... uh.... (makes shaking motions with both hands).
me: Maracas?
K: Yeah.
me: Cool.
L: It's no fun!!!

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