Monday, April 23, 2012

... you won't see....

... the dust bunnies....

A way to pass the morning hours when Mama goes running and Dada has gotten up too early because the girls have gotten up too early and we're trying to delay the inevitable videos....

K: What can we do?
L: Yeah, what can we do?!
me: What about coloring?
K&L: Nah...
me: Read books.
K (like it's obvious): Daddy!
L: Yeah, Dada!!
me (who thought it was a good idea): Where are all the paper planes?
K: I don't know.
L: I know (runs to their small play area) Here's mine. And one of K's.
K: But not the good one.
me (stalling while I fry egg whites): hm... where could it be?
K: Yeah, where could it be?
L: Maybe... at the pool?
me: !?!??
L: Or.... in the washing machine?
me: Or... under the cabinet?
L (throwing herself onto the floor): Yeah, maybe under the cabinet! It's too dark.
me (getting flashlights): Here, see if you can see anything.
K (lying down beside her sister): Hmm... it's dirty... there's dust under here.
L (pleased to now have a partner in the quest): Yeah, it's dirty! There's dust!
me (stirring oatmeal and making an espresso): No airplane?
K (voice muffled): No. But I see some money! (scrambling to reach it)
L: What?! What did you say K?!? I want to see a money!?!!
K (victorious): Here it is Daddy! (arm lifted while still peering into the void beneath the cabinet)
me (still busy): Nice. Maybe there's more.
K: No, I don't see anything else except dirt.
L: Yeah, there's nothing else except dirt.
me (needing more time): What about under the refrigerator?
K&L (spinning around on their bellies): Yeah, under the refridgidator!
me (drinking my espresso): Ah, keep looking.....

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