Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's a family affair....

We're a 21th century fam!

My older sister is on Facebook. She joined shortly after I did, and while I'd never argue that either of us is cutting edge, we're both getting a kick out of reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones. It's been fun. And as a bonus, now we get to FB and don't have to get call each other too!

We started out playing Word Scraper until I remembered just how freakin' bad I am at Scrabble and since Word Scraper is just Scrabble without the (tm) I'm bad at that too. So I try to ignore all the "hey, hurry up and play so I can put down my bingo" messages. I don't need additional reminders that I'm bad at things.

I'm also ignoring offers for joining people's mafia families and giving friends online drinks (what the hell good is an online daquiri, for god's sake?!?)

My younger sister is on as well. But she seems to log in maybe once every other month or so, which kind of defeats the sociability aspect of social networking. She could probably beat me in Word Scraper too, but luckily she doesn't seem to have found it. Yet.

And mom is on.

Mom is on?

With one of the default silhouette profile pictures. And after sending a request to add my birthday to the Birthdays app, I haven't heard from her since. I doubt she's been back into FB. I wonder if she'll remember my birthday.... At least she's not asking me to play her in Word Scraper.

Mom and little sister are using a dial-up connection, for which I should probably either cut them some slack, or really give them sh#t. Not sure which. They do live in Kuau, after all.

M is on, of course, and I've considered creating pages for K&L just to pad my friends list, but I don't want weird people hitting on them, so that's out.

Anyone want to play Word Scraper? Or have a birthday they want me to know about?


Craig Fisher said...

Just to clarify...it's only weird people you don't want hitting on K&L?

Karol said...

We are not using dial up. And what the hey is word scraper?

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